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  • The hoist is suspended from the traveling rail (I-beam) fixed to the building ceiling rafters.
  • Because the traveling rail location and span can be freely chosen, the crane can be designed to suit production line processes.
  • The detachable design for the track wheel and its axle reduces installation and maintenance time.
  • A dual-speed type, as well as a urethane wheel type, is available to reduce travel noise and vibration.


Product Specification


How much excess load can the electric chain hoist (rope hoist) withstand?
The use of any products with excessing rated loads is prohibited. Always ensure use within the working load limit range.

Power Supply

Please explain the power supply system of the crane and the type of cable hanger.
Although there are various methods to supply power to cranes, information on the power supply method and cable hanger are provided at 'Power Supply Cables and Accessories' in KITO Crane catalog.


Is a safety factor specified for each product?
The safety factors of KITO products (in terms of load ratings) are specified within the scope of 4 to 5 for hoisting equipment, 5 for chain slings (they vary depending on model capacities, so please consult with KITO and KITO's global partners).

Other Matters

Do you have any crane/electric chain hoist available for clean rooms?
KITO supply a number of cranes and various handling machinery used by semiconductor/liquid crystal manufacturers/in other clean rooms. We handle product specifications according to your operating environment so please consult with KITO and KITO's global partners.
How long is the warranty for KITO products?
It is a year from the date of delivery of the actual product (Three years for ER2 only). Regarding warranty conditions, please see the warranty written in the owner's manual together with the product.
Because end carriage is certified as complete crane system, it is excluded as product.

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