Chain Sling 100

Supporting ideal lifting work with outstanding quality


  • KITO link chain grade 10 achieves the world's strongest level.
  • Wide range of variations allow selection of the optimum combination for any application.
  • High product quality realizes safe and highly efficient work.
  • Advanced chain manufacturing technologies realize outstanding ultimate elongation.
  • Achievement of outstanding economic efficiency due to the high wear resistance.


Product Specification

Wide Range of Variations provide any operation needs

KITO Link Chain Grade 10 Achieves the World's Strongest Level

KITO CHAIN SLING 100 (ASME, ASTM, NACM, JIS)  Grade10, Major country chain slings (EN, ISO) Grade 8 from Grade 6, Chain diameter 20(mm)

This is the world's strongest link chain with a breaking stress of 1000 N/㎟ or more which was developed based on KITO's many years of accumulated technology and experience.
Using a carefully manufactured special alloy steel as the material, the chain links are formed and welded by completely automated machines, before undergoing quenching and tempering using special automatic heat treatment equipment.

Wide Range of Variations allow Selection of the Optimum Combination for Any Application

Standard link chains are provided in various diameters from φ6.0 mm to φ20.0 mm to support work lifting heavy and large-sized objects. The link chain and fitting combinations offer clevis-type products with exclusive retaining pins, and eye-type products which use Hicouplings.
Since a wide range of fittings are also available, it is possible to freely select from among single leg, double leg, triple leg, quadruple leg, and endless types to match the usage purpose.

High Product Quality realizes Safe and Highly Efficient Work

All KITO Chain Sling 100 products have a safety factor of 5:1*.
*Safety factor for single sling's working load limit.

Fittings are forged from specially selected alloy steel that undergoes quenching and tempering to realize high strength and outstanding wear resistance.
All products have a KITO safety Tag attached. These tags enable promotion of even safer work.

Advanced Chain Manufacturing Technologies realize Outstanding Ultimate Elongation

KITO link chains have both a high breaking stress and toughness due to the advanced chain manufacturing technologies that are utilized. The factor that verifies this is the numerical value known as the ultimate elongation which achieves a value of 20% or more. In addition, concerning the strength in the link bending direction, the use of advanced welding technology gives the links sufficient absorbability as shown by the photograph of the result of bending test according to ISO 1834, and no breakage or cracking occurs.
(However, this does not indicate that the product should be used until it reaches the condition shown in the photograph.)

Achievement of Outstanding Economic Efficiency due to the High Wear Resistance

Regarding wear due to the chain linking, KITO's unique heat treatment technology exhibits its true worth so that the wear factor of the link chains has become extremely small. This enables the link chains to also sufficiently withstand long-period use, realizing excellent economic efficiency.

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