Lifting MagnetLifting Magnet

Compact, Lightweight, Permanent-Magnet-Type Lifting Magnet


  • Improved magnetic force per volume, provides efficient workability.
  • Four magnetic poles unfailingly attach to lifted loads.
  • 12 options available in accordance with your requirements
Working Load
70 kg to 1000 kg (Flat Steel Excusive Use Types),
70 kg to 950 kg (Flat Steel/Round Steel Common
Use types)
Objects Lifted Steel plates, shape steel and round steel, and their
procesed products


Product Specification

Compact! Lightweight! High-performance magnet! Lifting Magnet, for extremely efficient workability.

Four Magnetic Poles Unfailingly Attach to Lifted Loads

While a general lifting magnet has only two magnetic poles, Lifting Magnet has four magnetic poles.
This makes possible four bundles of magnetic force,
for efficient and unfailing attachment to lifted loads.
Flat steel/Round steel common use types have
V-shaped grooves in the bottom surfaces with larger open angles that enable magnetic force to flow efficeiently to curved surfaces of round steel.

Assures Safety by Using Permanent Magnets

Uses permanent magnets, unaffected by power supply failure.

Select From 12 Options

12 options are provided from which you can select in accordance with form (flat steel or round steel) and weight of lifted loads.

Easy Handling

Attracts and releases lifted loads easily by simple operation of a switch lever.

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