Lifting PointLifting Point

Designed for dangerous work for eye bolts, such as side lifting, reversing and raising of the load


  • Work safety and efficiency improved by a 360º turning and 180º movable shackle
  • Up to 3-time higher working load than the JIS eye bolts with an identical bolt diameter
  • Wide variety of 21 types ranging from M8 to M64
  • Applicable to the extended bolt length
Working Load
0.3 t (M8) to 20 t (M64)
Objective Tapped
Hole Material
Material stronger than iron
(Tensile strength of 400 N/mm2 or more)
-40 to 120 ℃ and 100%RH or Less
(Not allowed underwater)
Not allowed to use in the alkaline or acid


Product Specification

Can you safely leave the load to the eye bolts?

Supports Your Work with the 360º Turning and 180º Movable Shackle

The shackle moves in the load direction, making it unnecessary to adjust the ring direction as required by the conventional eye bolts.

Up to 3-Time Higher Working Load than the JIS Eye Bolts with the Same Diameter

High-strength bolts (tensile strength rank of 10.9) are used. Because of up to 3-time higher working load than the JIS eye bolts with the same thread diameter, tapping into the work object is smaller, leading to cost reduction.

Wide Variety of 21 Types

Standard line-up of bolt sizes ranging from M8 to M64.
Three types of working loads are available for M24 to M48 with an identical bolt diameter and selectable in line with the customer's type of work.

Available for the Long Bolts as Well

The bolt length can be changed in line with the type of work.
The scope of response differs depending on the size and capacity of the main body. See the catalog for details.

Registered with the NETIS (New Technology Information System)

Registration number: KK150017-A
* The NETIS is a database system operated on the Intranet and the Internet of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for the purpose of sharing and providing new technological information.

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