With Hook Suspension / Cord Control / Pendant Control / Hand Lever Control


Ultra low, low & medium speed operation, super-compact size, lightweight


  • The compact size and lightweight features make the hoist outstandingly portable.
  • The speed can be adjusted according to how strongly the valves are pressed, allowing intuitive operation.
  • Ultra low speed operation is possible, convenient for matching positions. (250 kg)
  • Anti-overwinding device is incorporated as standard.
  • KITO's original ultra-high strength, rust-resistant nickel-plated chain is incorporated as standard.
  • An overloading limiter device is incorporated to automatically stop the lifting when overloading is detected. (490 kg to 2 t)
Capacity 250 kg to 2 t
Standard Lift 3 m (Cord Control / Pendant Control),
2 m (Hand Lever Control)
Use Lifting Up/Down


Product Specification

Increase in Lifting Height

What is the maximum lift length for Air hoists?
20 m is the maximum lift length for all of the model. Especially for pendant model, the longer the pendant hose is, the bigger the timelag will be on the operation.


How much excess load can the electric chain hoist (rope hoist) withstand?
The use of any products with excessing rated loads is prohibited. Always ensure use within the working load limit range.


Is a safety factor specified for each product?
The safety factors of KITO products (in terms of load ratings) are specified within the scope of 4 to 5 for hoisting equipment, 5 for chain slings (they vary depending on model capacities, so please consult with KITO and KITO's global partners).
Why is the lifting and lowering speed different for Air hoists?
Based on the structure of Air hoists, the lowering speed would be faster than lifting speed, since rotative force and the acceleration of drop of the load would be added during lowering operation.

Other Matters

How long is the warranty for KITO products?
It is a year from the date of delivery of the actual product (Three years for ER2 only). Regarding warranty conditions, please see the warranty written in the owner's manual together with the product.
Because end carriage is certified as complete crane system, it is excluded as product.

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