CX SeriesCX

Ultra-compact hand chain hoists: extremely lightweight and portable


  • Compact, lightweight and simple design
  • Integral aluminum body
  • Easily portable anywhere
  • Easy and smooth operation with minimal hand-pull force
  • Wide internal hook diameter expands the applicable range
Capacity 0.25 t, 0.5 t
Standard Lift 2.5 m
-40 to +60℃


Product Specification

The world's smallest industrial hoist with 250kg!
Headroom 217mm, 21mm, 32mm, Wide Internal Diameter of Hooks (Top & Bottom Hooks), Smart Body with Non-protruding Bolt, Equipped with Overload Limiter, High Strength Load Chain(Breaking Stress of 1000N/㎟), Stainless steel hand chain (SUS304) for corrosion resistance, Hook Latch with Tip-Supporting Structure (Top & Bottom Hooks)

Integral Aluminum Body

Aluminum body with steel frame for superior strength

Easy and Smooth Operation with Minimal Hand-pull Force

Minimal force required to lift load

Wide Internal Hook Diameter Expands the Applicable Range. Top and Bottom Hooks

  • Wide hook opening allows easy installation onto almost any reliable attachment point.
  • Thicker safety tip hook latch designed for increased durability, and notched to securely engage the latch with the hook tip.

Easily Portable Anywhere

Suitable for work in confined spaces or wherever you need to lift a light load. Can be transported, installed and stored effortlessly.

Nickel-plated Super-strong Load Chain (Breaking Stress of 1000 N/㎟)

Abrasion- and corrosion-resistant, plated load chain grade V (high breaking strength of 1,000 N/mm²)

Hand Chain

Durable and highly corrosion resistant hand chain

Equipped with Overload Limiter

The advanced-design overload limiter comes as standard on the CX to enhance worker safety and protect the hoist against excessive overloading.

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