LX SeriesLX

Ultra-compact, lightweight, portable design for ease of use in elevated work positions.


  • The durable die-cast aluminum body and steel frame is compact and lightweight.
  • Available in two capacities (250 and 500 kg) for all applications.
  • Minimal hand-pull force required for highly reliable pulling and lifting to the final click.
  • Ultra-low headroom design for use in confined spaces.
  • Free-chain adjusting mechanism for swift adjustments
Capacity 0.25 t, 0.5 t
Standard Lift 1.0 m (0.25 t), 1.2 m (0.5 t)
-40 to +60℃


Product Specification

Ultra-compact, Lightweight, Portable Design for Ease of Use in Elevated Work Positions.
Net Weight of Just 1.6kg! (LX003) Lever Length of Just 150mm! (LX003), Compact And Light, Minimum Headroom (Distance) Between Hooks: 205 mm(LX003), Reliable Load-holding Performance, Kito's Original Free Chain Adjusting Mechanism, Maintainability, Nickel Plated Chain, Hook Latch With Safety Mechanism

The Durable Die-cast Aluminum Body and Steel Frame are Compact and Lightweight.

KITO leverages its innovative technology to make the LX series compact and light. All units are very easy to carry and use, even in confined spaces or elevated work locations.

Minimal Hand-pull Force Required for Highly Reliable Pulling and Lifting to the Final Click.

The LX series, designed with a single-step reduction gear, is characterized by a small manual fastening force and assured load holding. Reliable load fastening can be provided to the last clicking of the lever.

KITO Original Free Chain Adjusting Mechanism

Reliable load-holding performance no matter the size. Required chain length provided instantly in accordance with job condition.

Easier Maintainance

Fasteners are designed to protect threads from damage while making maintenance easier.

Nickel-plated Super-strong Load Chain (Breaking Stress of 1000 N/㎟)

Abrasion- and corrosion-resistant, plated load chain grade V (high breaking strength of 1,000 N/mm²)

Ultra-low Headroom Design for Use in Confined Spaces.

Minimum headroom (distance) between hooks: 205 mm LX003 only

Hook Latch with Safety Mechanism

Thicker safety tip hook latch has been designed for increased durability, and notched to securely engage the latch with the hook tip.

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