With Hook Suspension / Push Botton Control / Cylinder Control


Compact, light, easy, and fast


  • High-speed lifting/lowering
  • Compact design minimizes headroom
  • Powerful and high-performance
  • High-performance mechanical brake
  • Compact and lightweight. The 100 kg standard lift type weighs just 11.5 kg.
Capacity 60 to 480 kg (Push Button Control),
60 to 240 kg (Cylinder Control)
Standard Lift 3 m (Push Botton Control), 1.8 m (Cylinder Control)
Use Lifting Up/Down
Voltage 1 Phase AC 120V or 240V
Ratings Hoist-IP54, Push Button Control-IP65,
Cylinder Control-IP44


Product Specification

Standard Specification

Voltage 1 Phase AC 120V or 240V
both for 50Hz and 60Hz
Operation Method Push Button Control (Floor Operation)
Cylinder Type
Motor Insulation Class F Operating
-20 to 40℃ (-4 to 104℉)
Enclosure IP54 Operating Humidity 85%RH or Less
Lightweight, high-speed, adaptable, and portable. The ED series is technologically advanced, easy to service, and high quality.
Upper Limit Switch, Friction Clutch, Nickel-plated Chain

Compact Design

The die-cast aluminum body is lightweight, with low headroom, to fit confined spaces. Easy to install, move and store.

Dual-braking System

The dual-braking system includes both mechanical and regenerative brakes for added safety.

Heavy-duty Motor

With 300 to 600W, the unit offers above-average motor output for industrial applications, while a compact DC motor with AC current rectifier reduces weight, generates less heat and maintains duty cycles.

High-performance Friction Clutch

The friction clutch, built into the load brake, is designed to slip to prevent overwinding or overloading.

Upper Limit Switch

Prevents overwinding and sets a standard upper limit.

Abrasion-resistant, Case-hardened, and Plated Chain

Made from heat-treated alloy steel for high, uniform strength and corrosion resistance.

Heat-treated Gearing

The deep-groove ball and needle bearings are immersed in an oil bath resulting in smooth, quiet operation.

Speed Flexibility (Dual Speed / Cylinder Control Model)

The low speed can be adjusted from 0 to 100% of maximum speed by setting a screw inside the push button switch.

In-line Handgrip (Cylinder Control Model)

Allows one-handed operation and gives the operator a free hand to easily position the load.

High/Low Speeds (Cylinder Control Model)

The easy-touch rocker switch above the handgrip allows the user to swiftly change between low and high-speed control, while the finger-turn knobs allow custom speed setting from 0–100%.

Removable Bottom Hook (Cylinder Control Model)

Allows insertion of various below-the-hook material handling devices.

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