With Plain Trolley / Push Button Control


Ultimate lightweight and compact size, meticulous and dedicated design


  • Integrated body protecting the high-performance and highly functional unit
  • The combination of idea and technology materialize in a lightweight size.
    - Meticulous inverter-dedicated design
  • A dual-safety mechanism prevents accidents from excessive loads.
    - Equipped with a friction clutch and electronic overload limiter.
  • Smooth and ergonomic operation
  • Shuts off motor current during excessive lifting/lowering to prevent accidents.
  • Meticulous long-life design
    Suitable for severe environments and working conditions - Simple design with Grade M6 - High-end duty rating with unique motor frame fins and fan cover
  • World-class KITO original chain - Superstrong nickel-plated load chain
  • Visual indication of maintenance timing
  • Shuts off the motor circuit in case of emergency.
  • Higher inspector work efficiency - Easier maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
Capacity 125 kg to 1 t (Dual Speed Only)
Standard Lift 3 m
Use Lifting Up/Down, Traversing Left/Right
Voltage 220-230V (50/60Hz), 380-460V (50/60Hz)


Product Specification

The Chain

What is the load chain made of?
It's made of KITO's original special alloy steel.
Can you describe CL chains/ND chains/Nickel-plated chains respectively in more detail?
The CL chain is a load chain for manual chain hoists with a surface featuring diffused nickel alloy.
The ND chain is a load chain for electric chain hoists with a surface featuring diffused nickel alloy.
The nickel-plated chain is a load chain with a surface electrolessplating with nickel alloy.
All three have superior corrosion resistance.
Is it possible to make a stainless load chain for an electric chain hoist?
Since insufficient surface hardness and strength render stainless materials unusable for load chains, we consider them inappropriate for electric chain hoists and do not use them.

Increase in Lifting Height

Is it possible to increase the lifting height of the electric chain hoist/chain hoist?
Can the lifting height also be configured for other non-standard lengths?
Also, is it possible to extend the chain after buying one configured to the standard lifting height?
Although the lifting height can be increased, the load chain is heat-treated, which means the chain cannot be extended. Instead, replace the chain with a load chain long enough to meet your needs (hand chains for chain hoists can also be added via a connection link).
Also, for products with chain buckets, the chain bucket may have to be changed depending on the lifting height. In that case, please consult with KITO and KITO's global partners.
When increasing the lifting height of the electric chain hoist, is a different chain bucket needed?
Chain buckets are available in a range of sizes based on capacity/lifting height. Depending on the increase in lifting height, a large-sized bucket may be needed. Please refer to either table of standard bucket lifting heights by models such as ER2, EQ, or EF to determine the maximum lifting height of each standard bucket size.


Will any problem affect the electric chain hoist if power fails while it is in use?
The KITO electric chain hoist is designed to automatically apply a brake when the current flow is interrupted to stop the operation. In the unlikely event of a power outage, it promptly stops operation and suspends the hanging load as if the push button had not been activated.
How much excess load can the electric chain hoist (rope hoist) withstand?
The use of any products with excessing rated loads is prohibited. Always ensure use within the working load limit range.
I would like to use the upper limit switch of the electric chain hoist ER2 for positioning.
As described in the owner's manual, the upper limit switch installed is the final device preventing overwinding in emergencies. Please refrain from using it on a regular basis, since this may damage the main body or break the chain. A limit switch for positioning is available as an option - please contact KITO and KITO's global partners separately in this case.
Is it possible to combine the MR2 motorized trolley with the EQ electric chain hoist?
You cannot use the MR2 motorized trolley with the EQ electric chain hoist due to the differences in the electrical specifications. The MR2 motorized trolley is designed and manufactured on the assumption that it will be used in combination with the ER2 electric chain hoist. When combining the MR2 motorized trolley with ER2 electric chain hoist, failure to comply with this instruction may cause the hoist and trolley to malfunction. Concerning the handling of the MR2, see the ER2 electric chain hoist Owner's Manual that is supplied together with the ER2 electric chain hoist. Customer who have bought the MR2 motorized trolley as a single item and require a copy of the ER2 electric chain hoist Owner's Manual should contact KITO and KITO's global partners.


How do you change the speed of the electric chain hoist with dual-speed push button operation?
Since a two-stage push-to-switch push button is used, switching from low to high speed depends on the extent to which the push button is pushed. Push to the first stage for low speed and push right in to the second stage for high speed.

Operating Environment

Please explain the usable ambient temperature for the manual chain hoist/electric chain hoist/lever hoist.
Please use the manual chain hoist and lever hoist within the temperature range of -40 to +60℃.
For electric chain hoists, the temperature range for use is -20 to +40℃.
Can the electric chain hoist be installed outdoors?
Yes, this is possible. The equipment is basically designed for indoor use. Therefore when installing the electric chain hoist outdoors or to the place where the hoist is exposed to direct rain, wind and snow, shade the hoist with roof to protect it from rain, wind and snow.
Are any items specified for use as part of countermeasures when using in an environment such as outdoors/quay, etc.?
Various countermeasures are available such as anti-corrosion coatings, etc. according to the operating environment, so please consult with KITO and KITO's global partners.


Please explain the type and amount of oil used for KITO products.
The oils required are described in the owner's manual for each product.

Power Supply

Please explain the power supply cable sizes and the permissible cable length of the electric chain hoist and rope hoist.
The following are described as part of the owner's manual for each product.
□ Permissible supply cable length "ER2 / ER2M"
Please explain the power supply system of the crane and the type of cable hanger.
Although there are various methods to supply power to cranes, information on the power supply method and cable hanger are provided at 'Power Supply Cables and Accessories' in KITO Crane catalog.
How many cable hangers are necessary for the power supply cable?
A cable hanger is normally necessary for cable intervals 1.5m long. However, this depends on the curve beam and other conditions of use, so please consult with KITO and KITO's global partners.


Please explain the difference between short-time rating and intermittent rating.
A summary is provided in ’Lifting Motor Ratings' in ER2 series catalog.
Is a safety factor specified for each product?
The safety factors of KITO products (in terms of load ratings) are specified within the scope of 4 to 5 for hoisting equipment, 5 for chain slings (they vary depending on model capacities, so please consult with KITO and KITO's global partners).

Other Matters

Do you have any crane/electric chain hoist available for clean rooms?
KITO supply a number of cranes and various handling machinery used by semiconductor/liquid crystal manufacturers/in other clean rooms. We handle product specifications according to your operating environment so please consult with KITO and KITO's global partners.
How long is the warranty for KITO products?
It is a year from the date of delivery of the actual product (Three years for ER2 only). Regarding warranty conditions, please see the warranty written in the owner's manual together with the product.
Because end carriage is certified as complete crane system, it is excluded as product.

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