With Geared Trolley / Push Button Control

ER2 SeriesER2SG

Smooth and ergonomic operation, reliable safety, enhanced durability, easier maintenance


  • Compact body - lightweight
  • Smooth and ergonomic operation
  • Reliable safety
  • Enhanced durability
  • Easier maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
Capacity 125 kg to 20 t
Standard Lift 3 m
Use Lifting Up/Down, Traversing Left/Right
Voltage 220-230V (50/60Hz), 380-415V (50Hz), 380-440V
(60Hz), 500V (50Hz, Pole Change for Dual Speed),
460V (60Hz for Specific Regions)


Product Specification


Mechanical Brake with Friction Clutch

This unique KITO device combines the functions of a friction clutch and mechanical brake for capacities of 5 ton or less and requires additional components. (Request this when placing and ordering hoists.)

Overload Limiter

For additional security, an overload limiter (OLL) comes as a recommended option; preset to 115% of rated capacity. The OLL protects the hoist mechanism from damage under overload conditions. (The load can be lowered even after the OLL is triggered.) Adjustable setting: from 90-135% of rated capacity.

Load Bell

The KITO load bell accurately alerts you when your hoist is overloaded as a cost-effective means of enhancing the safety and efficiency of your operations.

High-functional ER2 Series
- Limit Lock Function / - Stepless Switch

Rated Capacity: 125 kg to 5 t (Inverter Only)
  1. Limit Lock Function
    • 1) Upper/Lower Levels Easily Set with Push Button Switches
      • Function: Capable of setting upper/lower limit stop positions for the bottom hook with the push button switch.
      • Number of configurable positions: 1 position each at the upper/lower limit
      • Position detection method: Encoder detection method
      • Stop control: Automatically decelerate to low-speed operation before a limit position.
    • 2) High Speed in No-load
      • Function: Automatically increase to 1.5 times faster than high-speed lifting with a load equivalent to about 20% or lower of the rated capacity.
      • No-load high lifting speed: 1.5 times faster than the rated lifting speed (high speed)
      • Load detection method: Loading factor detection method (current value)
      • Response time: Within about 0.3 second (switching from “high lifting speed” to “no-load high lifting speed”)
  2. Stepless Switch
    • Function: seamless speed adjustment from high to low depending on how hard the push button is pressed.
    • Speed range: Up to a speed ratio of 1 (high speed): 1/6 (low speed)
    • Effective stroke: Approx. 6.5 mm
    • Detection method: Magnetic field detection by hall element.

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