TD Rail

Easily Installable and Removable Electrical Supply Rail


  • Lightweight, tough TD rail
  • Secure, simple rail joint
  • Accessories swiftly fitted and removed.
  • Installers: simplicity and flexibility
Material Used Self-extinguishing Vinyl Chloride Resin (PVC)
Rated Voltage 750V


Product Specification

Standard Specification

Voltage 750V Applicable Standards JIS C8373, EN60439-2, EN60204-32
Rated Current 4P/5P-60A, 4P-100A Ambient Temperature -20 to 55℃
Protection Grade IP23 Ambient Humidity 90%RH or Less
Easy-to-use, Simple KITO TD Rail
Fixing Bracket, KITO TD Rail, Covering Flange, End-line Feed Box In-line Feed Box, Sliding Hanger, Trolley, Carrier, Fixed Hanger, End Cap, Introduction Gate

Lightweight, Tough TD Rail

The cell-shaped cross-sectional casing structure of the KITO TD rail helps secure high rigidity, while the lightweight, touch design allows up to a 5-pole conductor to pass through.

Secure, Simple Rail Joint

Our original special-purpose connection bolt is used on the KITO TD rail joints, allowing easy installation of the rail via firm tightening, even if no torque wrench is used. With a 2-step-structure head, this special-purpose connection bolt separates the 1st-step bolt head when a specified torque is attained, securely connecting the TD rail.

Accessories Swiftly Fitted and Removed

To facilitate fitting and maintenance, the main accessories have been designed for simpler, swifter, tool-free installation. The feeding box and covering flange are clipped on manually, but cannot be removed without the use of a tool, in accordance with regulations.

Innovation is our aesthetic

TD rail offers ergonomics without forgoing aesthetics. Elegant lines, harmonious colors, and coordinated elements result in a dynamic and smart end product, all combining to make this rail an aesthetically successful innovation.

Degree of Protection: High Performance

TD rail simplifies the user choice by offering a complete range of accessories, all ensuring protection of the line against rain (IP23), thanks to an integrated watertight system.

Users: Security and Reliability.

As well as complying with relevant standards and regulations, the TD rail also stands out for its hard-wearing qualities and ease of maintenance, thanks to the use of toll-free fitting of accessories.

Installers: Simplicity and Flexibility.

Thanks to its limited number of parts, the systematic use of easily removed connections, and rapidly fitted accessories (without tools), TD rail offers installers a system which is simple and quick to set up, whatever the location.

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