Durable and reliable, this ultra-light hoist can be operated with minimum manual power.


  • Lighter, smaller, and more efficient, these hoists are invaluable for lifting applications.
  • A high-class load chain with a breaking strength of 1000 N/㎟ (100 kgf/㎟) is key to reliable and safe operation.
  • The dry-type braking mechanism provides excellent performance.
  • Shock-resistant gear case and hand wheel cover
  • Double-pawl spring mechanism for extra reliability
Capacity 0.5 to 30 t (CE Type)
Standard Lift 2.5 m (0.5 to 1.5 t), 3.0 m (2 to 5 t),
3.5 m (7.5 to 50 t)
-40 to +60℃ (With Hook Suspension),
-20 to +60℃ (With Geared/Plain Trolley)


Product Specification

The Chain

What is the load chain made of?
It's made of KITO's original special alloy steel.
Can you describe CL chains/ND chains/Nickel-plated chains respectively in more detail?
The CL chain is a load chain for manual chain hoists with a surface featuring diffused nickel alloy.
The ND chain is a load chain for electric chain hoists with a surface featuring diffused nickel alloy.
The nickel-plated chain is a load chain with a surface electrolessplating with nickel alloy.
All three have superior corrosion resistance.

Increase in Lifting Height

Is it possible to increase the lifting height of the electric chain hoist/chain hoist?
Can the lifting height also be configured for other non-standard lengths?
Also, is it possible to extend the chain after buying one configured to the standard lifting height?
Although the lifting height can be increased, the load chain is heat-treated, which means the chain cannot be extended. Instead, replace the chain with a load chain long enough to meet your needs (hand chains for chain hoists can also be added via a connection link).
Also, for products with chain buckets, the chain bucket may have to be changed depending on the lifting height. In that case, please consult with KITO and KITO's global partners.


How much excess load can the electric chain hoist (rope hoist) withstand?
The use of any products with excessing rated loads is prohibited. Always ensure use within the working load limit range.

Operating Environment

Please explain the usable ambient temperature for the manual chain hoist/electric chain hoist/lever hoist.
Please use the manual chain hoist and lever hoist within the temperature range of -40 to +60℃.
For electric chain hoists, the temperature range for use is -20 to +40℃.
Are any items specified for use as part of countermeasures when using in an environment such as outdoors/quay, etc.?
Various countermeasures are available such as anti-corrosion coatings, etc. according to the operating environment, so please consult with KITO and KITO's global partners.


Please explain the type and amount of oil used for KITO products.
The oils required are described in the owner's manual for each product.


Is a safety factor specified for each product?
The safety factors of KITO products (in terms of load ratings) are specified within the scope of 4 to 5 for hoisting equipment, 5 for chain slings (they vary depending on model capacities, so please consult with KITO and KITO's global partners).

Other Matters

Is it possible to mount a chain bucket to a manual chain hoist (M3CB)?
Mounting is possible although this is optional. There are two types possible depending on lifting heights - canvas and steel. In CB Series Model M3, information on chain hoists with chain buckets is provided.
How long is the warranty for KITO products?
It is a year from the date of delivery of the actual product (Three years for ER2 only). Regarding warranty conditions, please see the warranty written in the owner's manual together with the product.
Because end carriage is certified as complete crane system, it is excluded as product.

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