Case Study


Customer Case Study

Overhead Cranes for Jet Engine Maintenance

High Capacity Textile RD Round Sling Supports the Crane Inspection!

Manufacturing Site of Japanese Sake ”Denshu”

Light Crane with 3-point Support Makes Smooth Movement!

Concert Venue in the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

TNER Theatrical Hoists in Taiwan!

A Peep at Azabu University

Kito Products Support Veterinary Treatments!

Making Fruit Compote Using Sun-blessed Aomori Apple

Food Grade ER2s Support the Production Line

Final Assembly of the Air Ambulance

Made the Job Done with a Wireless Underhung Crane!

Kito Supports Tractor-Manufacturing in Germany

50 ER2s and Over 60 PRO Light-Cranes Systems at Work!

At Iwako Plant of Hit Stationery Item, "Fun Eraser"

Electric Chain Hoists Support the Production Line!

Theatrical Hoists Support B-League Basketball

From Brex Arena Utsunomiya, Japan

Chinese Soup Production Line at "Gyoza-no-Mansyu"

Chinese Soup Production Line at Gyoza-no-Mansyu Food Grade ER2 Electric Chain Hoists to Transfer the Soup Pot Smoothly

Inspection Line of Automotive Parts Factory

Kito Pro Light Crane System to be Newly Introduced!

Machining Shop of Mold Bases for Automobile

Increase Efficiency by Installing Jib Cranes for Each Machines!

Factory Manufacturing Dairy Products in Germany

High-performance ER2 can keep up with the constant production!

Pre-treatment Line of a Metal Painting Factory

Auto Crane Eliminates the Unevenness of Work!

World Heritage Preservation Work Site

Using ER2 Electric Chain Hoists with Radio Remote Controls

Construction Site of a Thermal Power Plant

3,000 Units of KITO CB that Can Freely Manipulate Pipes!

Work to Install a Pedestrian Bridge Deck

Firmly fixing 160 tons with LB Lever Hoists!

Factory Manufacturing Aluminum Parts

Several Constraints Overcome with a Large Jib Cranes!

Factory Manufacturing Sweets

At a Factory Manufacturing Red Bean Paste! ER2 Electric Chain Hoists

Factory Manufacturing Cargo Oil Pumps and Turbines

Large Scale Implementation of a Unified Combination of Jib Cranes and EQ Electric Chain Hoists to Increase Safety and Productivity!

Stage of a Musical Theater

On the Stage of the Very Famous Shiki Theatre Company! TNER Theatrical Hoists

Kitchen of a Long-established Hotel in Tokyo

Transporting Soup! Electric Chain Hoists for the Food Industry

Factory Manufacturing Liquid Crystal Panels

Improve Productivity with a Clean Room Specification Crane and a Large-capacity Ultra Low Headroom Type Electric Chain Hoists.

The Final Coal Mine in Japan

Explosion-proof Electric Chain Hoists Used in the Last Coal Mine in Japan

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