Kitchen of a Long-established Hotel in Tokyo

Transporting Soup! Electric Chain Hoists for the Food Industry


 In the kitchen of Palace Hotel Tokyo, they use our Food Grade ER2 Electric Chain Hoists mounted on a stainless steel beam to transport large, 200-liter soup pots.

Product Solutions

 There must be no contamination due to dust, oil and suchlike in the kitchen of a hotel. That is why Palace Hotel Tokyo adopted our ER2 Electric Chain Hoists especially made for the food industry, which has specifications that were designed considering the need for strict hygiene control, and a corrosion resistant stainless steel beam. This way, our customer has ensured thorough hygiene control and improved their work efficiency.
 Our chain hoists meet the high standards of the food industry and customers may further customize them in many ways, such as by using oils and lubrications that would not affect the human body even if accidentally consumed or by employing dust-proof measures and wear resistant parts. With all these options, KITO can offer specifications that suit the customer's usage environment.

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