Factory Manufacturing Liquid Crystal Panels

Improve Productivity with a Clean Room Specification Crane and a Large-capacity Ultra Low Headroom Type Electric Chain Hoists.


 In a clean room in a factory that manufactures liquid crystal panels, a clean room specification crane and a large-capacity Ultra Low Headroom type Electric Chain Hoist are used for installing and maintaining large machines.

Product Solutions

 This customer requested three things from us in order to increase their productivity because it costs a lot of money to maintain a clean room. We met those requests by adopting a crane with clean room specifications and a large-capacity Ultra Low Headroom type Electric Chain Hoists.

 Request 1 We want to minimize any wasted space!
       ⇒By adopting an Ultra Low Headroom type that has little dead space, we could achieve an improvement
        of about 20 cm.
                      ER2 standard, 2.8 t type:                  Dead space 765 mm
         ER2 Ultra Low Headroom, 2.8 t type: Dead space 580 mm

 Request 2 We want to have a faster hoisting speed!
       ⇒By hoisting simultaneously with two chain hoists, we achieved an increase in speed of 1.5 times.

 Request 3 We want to make the total length of travel as long as possible!
       ⇒We adopted an installation where the end of the traveling rail is buried in a wall.

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