Construction Site of a Thermal Power Plant

3,000 Units of KITO CB that Can Freely Manipulate Pipes!


 Construction site of a thermal power plant. Large amounts of manual chain hoists are used to adjust or fix the position of pipes through which steam or gas passes.

Product Solutions

 It is said that 1,000 to 4,000 manual chain hoists are usually required to construct a thermal power plant, and about 3,000 KITO CB models are used in this site. Chain hoists are carried and moved many times, and in addition, the pipes of a power plant are installed at narrow intervals and a minimum of two manual chain hoists are used for one installation; hence, construction companies prefer a lightweight and smaller size of chain hoist.
 KITO CB is extremely easy to carry and handle because it is small and lightweight. In addition, it is excellent in terms of workability and durability, it minimizes the burden placed on workers and it is a product that can be safely used for a long time.

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