World Heritage Preservation Work Site

Using ER2 Electric Chain Hoists with Radio Remote Controls


 The Tomioka Silk Mill was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2014. The national treasure "West Cocoon Warehouse" is in the middle of preservation repair work on a 5-year plan from 2015, removing more than 49000 tiles one by one to inspect their condition, while trying to reuse as many tiles as possible to bring back its original form. The building of the West Cocoon Warehouse has a span of 104.4 meters, and our ER2 Electric Chain Hoists with radio remote controls are installed along each of the four lanes for preservation repair work.

Product Solutions

 Since hoists with a standard push button control will limit the hoist’s range of use in a building with a 104.4-meter span from north to south, we decided to implement our remote control system for this work site. Our standard lineup comes with a spare transmitter, which allows users to safely operate one receiving unit with the use of two different transmitters with a unique handover function, where only one transmitter can be used at a time.

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