Pre-treatment Line of a Metal Painting Factory

Auto Crane Eliminates the Unevenness of Work!


 In factories that do the metal painting of steel plates used for power control/distribution boards, there is a washing process to remove unwanted dirt such as oils before painting in order to firmly attach paint to the surface of the metals. A series of processes is automated by our electric chain hoist, such as lifting up the metals, pretreatment mode selection, lowering them into the tank, shaking them for a certain amount of time, and transferring them to the next process. In addition, the inverter control for both lifting and traversing significantly reduces the load swing, and the process mode can be selected as the processes may vary depending on the metal. Using our electric chain hoist can thus help increase automation.

Product Solutions

 Previously the whole process was done manually, but the quality condition after washing differed from worker to worker, and therefore required time-consuming quality checks. As a result of installing the auto crane, the quality condition after washing became standardized and workers were thus able to prepare for the next process during the automated operation, which significantly improved the productivity.

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