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High-performance ER2 can keep up with the constant production!


 ER2 Electric Chain Hoist 2.5t is used for handling “big bags” containing powdered ingredients in the production process of ultra-high-temperature processed milk, milk powder and cream. In addition, 2t ER2 and 1t M3CB Manual Hoists are used in the equipment maintenance of the production line.

Product Solutions

 At this dairy factory where quality as well as mass production are required, the customer needed a hoist that can be operated efficiently without unnecessary halts or pauses. With its standard dual speed inverter, the ER2 reduces the load swing during lifting, which allows for smooth operation, and the enclosed cooling fan constantly cools down the hoist motor during operation, which is ideal for frequent operation of the hoist.
 For food industry customers where oil and dust have to be strictly taken care of, KITO has a lineup of products tailored for the food industry that can be customized according to the customer’s needs. For instance using oils and lubrications that would not harm the human body even if accidentally consumed, and also anti-dust parts that are resistant to wear and tear.

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