Machining Shop of Mold Bases for Automobile

Increase Efficiency by Installing Jib Cranes for Each Machines!


 Many different kinds of machine tools in this factory produce different shapes and sizes of mold bases that are essential parts for automobiles. Here our Lifting Magnets and Jib Cranes and Electric Chain Hoists EQ series are used to transfer the finished mold bases to the next process.

Product Solutions

 Previously, workers have had to wait in line to use the only one crane system on the work floor and that resulted in a lot of loss time in operations. Now in every production line, a jib crane has been installed. This doesn’t only solve the waiting problem but also permits more efficient factory-space utilization because jib cranes can provide a 180 degree rotation. Kito EQs with dual speed inverter as a standard function helps to reduce load swing and is a perfect match for jib cranes. And Lifting Magnets were a good choice for the ability to handle the metal molds without damaging the load’s surface.

※Courtesy of KMS Co.,Ltd.

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