Chinese Soup Production Line at "Gyoza-no-Mansyu"

Chinese Soup Production Line at Gyoza-no-Mansyu Food Grade ER2 Electric Chain Hoists to Transfer the Soup Pot Smoothly


 Gyoza-no-Mansyu is famous for its chain Chinese restaurants spreading out from East to West Japan. Many kinds of soup, sauce, side dishes and desserts are produced here at Kawagoe plant, where chicken, pork, vegetables and seafood, the main ingredients of soup will be combined in a special formulation after being decocted. Our Food Grade ER2 Electric Chain Hoists with wireless specification are used to move the soup from the pot to the pressure cooker and spent ingredients to the disposal box.

Product Solutions

 ER2 with wireless specification allows the operators to let the job done with no necessity to stand near the hot and heavy 300kg soup-pot. That results in safer and more efficient workplace.
 Kito Food Grade ER2 Electric Chain Hoists are also designed to be highly wear resistant even in the steamy and hot atmosphere like the soup making process. Another good example will be the lubricating oil that does not affect the human body even if you mistakenly put in your mouth. We are proud that our Food Grade products can clear out any strict standards of the industry.

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