Theatrical Hoists Support B-League Basketball

From Brex Arena Utsunomiya, Japan


 Link Tochigi Brex is a Japanese professional basketball team established in 2007. They won the first championship of B1(Division1) league during the 2016-17 season, and the first Japanese NBA player Yuta Tabuse, is also a key team member.
 In their home base BREX Arena Utsunomiya, sixteen units of 500kg TNER Theatrical Hoists capacity hold an LED screen array above center court and six standard 500kg electric hoists support audio and lighting equipment around the screens.

Product Solutions

 TNER is a hoist specially made for lifting and installing equipment such as lighting and acoustic devices on a stage, a concert or event venue. It has a black body to make it is inconspicuous from the audience seats and ensure it does not distract from the production on the arena. Since it is often installed in a narrow places and has to be constantly carried to different locations, it has been made smaller and lighter than our conventional hoists. In addition, the form of lubrication it uses was changed to grease so that it does not contaminate the arena or players in the rare event of an accidental oil leakage.

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