At Iwako Plant of Hit Stationery Item, "Fun Eraser"

Electric Chain Hoists Support the Production Line!


 Iwako Co., is a stationery manufacturer in Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture which produces hundreds of different kinds of "Fun eraser" like colorful sweets and playful vehicles. At two different production lines, you can find four units of electric chain hoists ER2 series and another four of electric chain hoists ES series (old model) that are used for changing dies and installing equipment.

Product Solutions

 Space utilization has become one of the top priorities because the manufacturing machines here are large in size, and our compact hoists that can offer maximized-effective lift were a good answer to that problem.
 Using hoists combining with a light crane system has helped reducing the burden of operators as well because our crane is designed to require a slight force to operate. That results in an increase in work efficiency and safety for operators who are in charge of replacing heavy dies for making different Fun-eraser’s parts.

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