Final Assembly of the Air Ambulance

Made the Job Done with a Wireless Underhung Crane!


 An air ambulance (in Japan we call “Doctor Helicopter”) is carefully transported to the line for final assembly at the maintenance-service factory of Shizuoka Airport, the first ever built in the whole region. And to make the job done, one unit of a wireless RKL wire rope hoist and an underhung-single girder crane with three-point support are fully used for supporting the whole process.

Product Solutions

 Underhung cranes normally run under two traveling rails but by increasing one more rail at the center, the girder is now supported with three points which allows using more lightweight girder and end-carriages and prevent the roof from being overburdened. Assembly of 3-ton Doctor Helicopter requires delicate positioning work especially when it comes the part of joining the tail to the helicopter’s body. However, dual speed inverter of RKL delivers smooth movement that helps conduct the job safer with higher productivity. And because the crane is handled wirelessly without using the push button cord hanging down from the hoist, that ensures non-stop task and higher performance for the work floor. One more benefit to see from RKL rope hoist is a unified body with the trolley which makes the hoist looks so compact even for its 6-ton rated capacity.

※ Shizuoka Air Commuter Corp. assisted with the photo shoot

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