Making Fruit Compote Using Sun-blessed Aomori Apple

Food Grade ER2s Support the Production Line


 Tamura Farm in Hirosaki City of Aomori prefecture (the production center of apples in Japan) cultivates several different kinds of apples and manufactures processed products like apple pies, cider wines and apple compote to all parts of the country. At the plant where apple-compote is produced, every process is conducted under strict hygiene-control. The apples are first peeled and cored carefully by hand, then transported to the deaerator machine using our food-grade ER2 electric chain hoists.

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 To walk in this production line requires you the utmost care for hygiene control including neat and clean appearance as well as well-controlling of your personal items. That is why objects like pencils or accessories are strictly forbidden to prevent any possible risk of contamination. And for our food-grade hoists, they are designed to match high standards of the industry and customers‘ needs. A stainless-steel dust pan is installed underneath each hoist-body to collect dust and wear from the hoist, and the lubricating oil will be not harmful for human body even if it is accidentally consumed.

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