Concert Venue in the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

TNER Theatrical Hoists in Taiwan!


 A large concert venue was built on the vast site of the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, one of Taiwan's three major tourist attractions, and a total of 61 Kito hoists were used to set up for this big event.
 The name of the products is "TNER Theatrical Chain Hoists", specially designed for handling stage and theatrical equipment. 19 units of 500kg-TNER lifted the lighting equipment for the stage and the stage roof was set with 6 units of 2 ton-TNERs, which also lift the large screens beside the stage.

Product Solutions

 TNER is a hoist specially designed for lifting and installing equipment for the entertainment industry. Its body is painted black to ensure as possible as it can the best look and feel of the stage design. As well, the hoist is compact and lightweight that would fit in narrow stage-construction-site and be portable for constant change of installation. In addition, the form of lubrication is grease instead of oil for standard products, which helps preventing oil-licking effectively.
 For this order, along with product quality, we were also highly valued for our customization, a reliable service and maintenance system, the ability to meet short deadlines, which help us receiving orders.

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