Manufacturing Site of Japanese Sake ”Denshu”

Light Crane with 3-point Support Makes Smooth Movement!


 One of the famous Japanese sake “Denshu” is made in Aomori Prefecture where has everything needed for good sake brewing: ample underground water, high-quality rice and cold climate. Our three-point-supported light crane PRO system and a radio-controlled electric chain hoist ER2 are used to carry sake ingredients during the brewing process.

Product Solutions

 The light crane PRO system is 18-meter length and capable of three-axis motion. With its help, sake ingredients easily move into three neatly arranged brewing tanks. Its appearance of silver-colored aluminum rails gives a feeling of cleanliness which is suitable for manufacturing site like sake brewing.
 Overhead cranes normally run under two traveling rails but by increasing one more rail at the center, the girder is now supported with three points which allows using more lightweight girder and end-carriages and prevent the roof from being overburdened.
 ER2 electric chain hoist has a dual speed VFD which enables smoother movement than the pole change motor and reduces load swing. That means smoother start and stop for load lifting and more accurate positioning. In addition, wireless hoist unlimits movement range of operator as compared to hoists using push button code and that clearly improves work efficiency.

※ Photo assisted by Nishida Sake Brewery

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