Overhead Cranes for Jet Engine Maintenance

High Capacity Textile RD Round Sling Supports the Crane Inspection!


 Being hung on the ceiling of the airplane engine maintenance plant are our overhead crane systems. The jet engine is surely the heart of an airplane and Kito cranes which are normally used for engine-maintenance must be checked regularly. Our new product, high-capacity Kito RD Round Sling being used in the annual load testing.

Product Solutions

 Kito RD round sling is featured by lightness and flexibility. Compared to the previous model RE series, it is 1/3 lighter in weight at the maximum and extremely convenient for transportation. By adopting soft core thread, the sling now fits well with many different types of load and will not scratch or damage surface of the load which makes rigging job easier for any operators.
 Previously chain sling was used for the annual load testing, but as you can see the textile sling is lightweight and, its flexibility and durability features permit long term usage even in harsh working environments. By choosing the appropriate rigging tool for your rigging task, you can surely innovate your workplace for a safer and more efficient working environment.

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