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Regarding Handling of Personal Information

Personal information entered or provided by an applicant shall be managed in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the KITO GROUP and be handled as described below. Please read this information carefully.

  • Personal information provided by an applicant in an inquiry form will be used for the purposes of answering an applicant’s inquiry, providing the applicant with recruitment information of KITO Group Companies (please refer to here for a list of Group Companies) and screening for recruitment and confirming their job application records.
  • An inquiry entered or provided by an applicant will be addressed by one of the KITO Group Companies that we consider to be most appropriate according to the nature of the inquiry (e.g. for a job position or a work location) . Personal information of an applicant may be transferred to a designated company, as necessary, to which we contract-out data input or any other related work.
  • Provision of personal information by an applicant is at the discretion of the applicant. Please note, however, that the applicant may not be able to be provided with appropriate answers nor to participate in the selection process in the event the applicant refuses to provide personal information.
  • Any personal information of any applicants retained by the KITO GROUP will be either destroyed or deleted by adequate measures after the purposes of its use have been met.
  • * If you agree with the above Regarding Handling of Personal Information, please click the "Agree" button below to go to the next page, the "Enter your inquiry" section.
  • * If you do not agree, please click the "Not Agree" button below. You will go back to the previous page.
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